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20200803_2121350.18397662092751021The McClure Middle School Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was created to provide resources and support to administrators, teachers, and students of McClure Middle School.  It is our belief that every student be given the opportunity to thrive in an environment that provides academic enrichment and the necessary tools to help them become the best of the next generation. This means that one of our largest ongoing initiatives is technology. With 1000+ students here at McClure, putting each student in front of a personal computer is a challenge.

If every family at McClure donated just $75, we could invest $75,000 right now — imagine how much we could accomplish!  Purchasing power for all the replacements for out of date laptop and desktop computers and laptops to complete carts for each grade level, the full renovation project Maverick Makeover, and the necessary safety purchases needed to respond to the ongoing pandemic. Join us today and help McClure Foundation make a real investment in the future success of all Mavericks!

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 Checks should be made payable to The McClure Middle School Foundation.

Together Everyone Achieves More