Join the Board!

Foundation Friends –

The current executive committee NEEDS BOARD MEMBERS filled for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school years.  Please attend meetings to learn more.  We meet the Second Tuesday of every month at 3PM at school.  We welcome to attend meetings and join the team.

Below is a summarizing list of positions of which some may be split or co-chaired.

President – duties: the PRESIDENT shall convene regularly scheduled board meetings, shall preside or arrange for other members of the Executive Committee to preside at each meeting in the following order: vice-chair, secretary, treasurer.

Vice President – duties:  the VICE PRESIDENT shall chair committees on special subjects as designated by the board.


Secretary – duties:  The SECRETARY shall be responsible for keeping records of board actions, including overseeing the taking of minutes at all board meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each board member, and assuring that corporate records are maintained.

Treasurer – duties:  The TREASURER shall make a report at each board meeting. The treasurer shall chair the finance committee, assist in the preparation of the budget, help develop fundraising plans, and make financial information available to board members and the public.

Fundraising Chair – duties:  develops fundraising strategies, formulates solicitation procedures, sets committee and oversees all fundraising activities.  Acts as liaison with funding partners and Foundation.  Potentially would lead grant-writing efforts.

Corporate/Family Sponsor Chair – duties:  solicit companies and individuals for sponsorship (horseshoe wall).  Work with executive committee to create a strategy, in partnership with a committee, to reach the annual sponsorship goals.


Birthday Post Chair – duties:  Organize and maintain birthday posting communications/marketing and calendar; communicates with treasurer regarding payments and works with school to coordinate postings on electronic kiosk.

Website/Social Media Chair – duties:  Social media content creation/posting (FB, Instagram) and preparing written content/graphics/media design for maintaining website.  (Weebly).

If you would be interested in learning more about serving with the McClure Foundation, I would love to speak with you!


Allison Carter | President |
McClure Middle School Foundation