Our passion is collaborating with educators to meet the needs our students, classrooms, programs, buildings and supplies. In order to do that, the Foundation has organized school wish lists and needs into initiatives that we will highlight throughout the year. Donations may be given in general or may be specifically allocated. Those initiatives include but are not limited to:


  • Electronic School Marquee
  • 10 additional laptops available for teacher checkouts
  • Create additional 35 station computer lab upstairs equipped with mac software
  • Supplies to build a Mediascape
  • Dongles for BYOD to connect to projectors (10 of each type)
  • App budget
  • 10 additional iPads for teacher checkout
  • Color printers per grade level and supplies (toner)
  • Hand scanners or table scanner per grade to digitize handouts to put on blog
  • TI-84 calculators (Math Dept)


  • Updated PE equipment
  • Water source on field/track for students to use during PE
  • Weight room
  • Provide supplies and support to school nurse


  • Training from Growing Leaders for students and faculty
  • Funding for guest speakers for students and faculty
  • Opportunities to send students to leadership events
  • Have a leadership development curriculum implemented to the school as a whole


  • Teacher grants
  • Site Licenses (for example Membean, USA Testprep)
  • Conference registrations for teachers
  • Tutoring pay for teachers to provide Saturday tutoring sessions
  • Celebration to recognize teacher excellence
  • Provide Literacy TA training (Jonathan LeMaster) for the staff – phenomenal program
  • Renaissance (a student reward program geared to encourage students toward good grades and behavior) $10,000/year


  • Funding for the Art program (consumables & equipment)
  • Resident artists
  • Musicians
  • Flugelhorn $1,357 or CCSD bid list
  • Peavey Amplifiers for keyboards $279 each
  • Set of Drum-set cymbals $498.95
  • 10 snare drums with carrier $295.23 each ($2,952.30)
  • 4 Tenor with carrier $983 each ($3,932.00)
  • 6 Bass Drums with carrier (varying sizes total $2,924.18)
  • 5 Xeno trumpets $1200 each ($6,000.00)
  • 2 new MAC desktops for students in orchestra
  • 2 new violins